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"Special Olympics Arizona is grateful for Law Enforcement Officers."
- Tim Martin, CEO & President of Special Olympics Arizona

Athlete Input Council

Athlete Input Council is a Special Olympics program geared towards our athletes. This group of athletes in every area of the state discusses how Special Olympics could better serve our athletes. They talk about what they like at the competitions/ changes that they think should be made. This is a way to make the athletes voices heard within our organization.

How do I become an Athlete Input Council Member?

There is a process that an athlete must go through in order to be part of the Athlete Input Council. First there is an application that they must fill out, and send back to Athlete Input Council Coordinator. Once the Athlete Input Council Coordinator receives an application, that person will then go through a phone interview to see if that candidate’s skill is appropriate for the Athlete Input Council. Below is application if interested. 

Athlete Input Council Fact Sheet

Input Council Member Application

Input Council Job Description

Athlete Employment Project (AEP):

The Athlete Employment Project is a project in which Special Olympics Arizona helps mentor & educate athletes on different work place behaviors. The benefits of this program are that companies can hire our Special Olympic athletes. Research has shown that people with Intellectual Disabilities make some of the most loyal/hardworking employees. That means that they provide a lower employee turnover rate because they are loyal employees who tend to stay with a job for a longer period of time. Also, this program provides companies the opportunities to watch our athletes grow on the job as well as a person through their time of employment. Companies that hire people with Intellectual Disabilities tend to have a more loyal customer base and will have an influential impact in helping open the door for more companies to hire these hard working individuals.

Resources for Athletes:

Additional Job Websites:

For more information, please contact: 


Bruce Clarke
Programs Assistant/Athlete Input Council Coordinator
Support Services Office | 2100 S. 75th Ave. | Phoenix, AZ. 85043
Cell: 480-329-9818 | Office: 602.476.0843 |  Fax: 602.230.1110