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"Special Olympics Arizona is grateful for Law Enforcement Officers."
- Tim Martin, CEO & President of Special Olympics Arizona

Health Programs

Healthy LEAP


Healthy LEAP (Lifestyle Education And Practice) is a series of health, nutrition, fitness, safety and injury prevention lessons and practical applications created specifically for youth and adults with and without intellectual disabilities.  Each lesson includes specific tasks and activities to jumpstart the practice of a healthy lifestyle. 


Preschool Version

o   Healthy Eating! (Food Groups)

o   Strong Bones! (Bone Health)

o   Moving and Playing to be Strong! (Physical Activity)

o   Safety First! (Safety)

o   Be a Good Sport! (Sportsmanship)

o   Staying Safe in the Sun! (Sun Safety)

o   Clean Hands (Hand Washing)

o   Healthy Mouth and Teeth! (Oral Hygiene)

    Elementary and High School Version

o   Food Groups

o   Healthy Weight and Obesity

o   Behavior  and Stress Management

o   Bone Health

o   Sports Nutrition and Hydration

o   Exercise and Injury Prevention

o   Sun Safety

o    Personal Hygiene

o    Preventions of Tobacco and Alcohol Use (if age appropriate)

Healthy Athletes

Through event- based screenings at our big state competitions (Fall Games, Summer Games, and certain area events), Healthy Athletes works to improve access to health care for Special Olympics Arizona athletes; make referrals to local health practitioners when appropriate; train health care professionals and students about the needs and care of people with intellectual disabilities; collect, analyze and disseminate data on the health status and needs of people with intellectual disabilities; and advocate  for improved health policies and programs for people with intellectual disabilities.

Health Screenings Offered:

Health Promotion is a free screening that offers health information and advice in the areas of nutrition, sun safety, bone density, tobacco cessation, and physical fitness. Health Promotion is designed to convey and reinforce key concepts on healthy living, healthy lifestyle choices, and nation-specific health issues.


MedFest is a free health screening that facilitates the standard sports physical that is required under the General Rules of Special Olympics, Inc. Led by volunteer physicians, nurses, and medical students, the MedFest screening consists of the following stations: medical history, height and weight, blood pressure, cardiology test, musculoskeletal test, orthopedic tests, abdominal evaluation, and a check out station.

Opening Eyes program is a vision and eye health screening in partnership with the Lions Clubs International Foundation. Led by volunteer vision care professionals, Opening Eyes is able to offer prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and sports goggles to Special Olympics athletes.

Special Smiles offers free dental screening, oral health information, and instructions on brushing and flossing properly to participating Special Olympics athletes, as well as preventative supplies like toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Healthy Hearing is a free hearing screening designed to ensure proper audio logical care for participating Special Olympics athletes. Led by volunteer professionals, Healthy Hearing tests for cerumen (ear wax) and otoacoustic emissions tests.

Fit Feet is a free pediatric screening for participating Special Olympics athletes evaluating ankles, feet, lower extremity biomechanics, and proper shoe and sock gear.

FUNfitness is a physical therapy screening program that is designed to assess and improve physical strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic fitness, educate athletes and parents on the importance of becoming and staying physically fit.