Cmdr. Louis Tovar Story

“I was drawn early in my career to SOAZ after my family was deeply impacted by my son's medical condition in 1990.  After he endured neurosurgery at 5 months old to remove a congenital brain tumor, we learned he would forever have physical disabilities.  As a young officer at the time, I quickly learned of the historical relationship of law enforcement's support for Special Olympics across the nation.  I became immediately involved in the annual Torch Run fundraiser wherever I worked.  Every year, I would make a special effort to coordinate further involvement from co-workers to become involved in the Torch Run and haven't missed one since.  As my career advanced, I became further aware of other fundraising opportunities beyond the Torch Run that occur throughout the year.  Most recently, I've been involved in the LETR Executive Committee to ensure coordinated support for these fundraisers from work units throughout the Phoenix Police Department.  This year, I look forward to participating in the Over the Edge event for the first time.

Being involved in supporting SOAZ has been particularly rewarding for me personally, and certainly aligns itself perfectly with law enforcement's responsibility to proactively engage with our community in a positive and redeeming way!”

- Cmdr. Louis Tovar, Phoenix Police Department

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