Krista Sanchez Story

“Being a police officer's daughter, law enforcement has been a big part of my life. I have seen the compassion and commitment of law enforcement through not only a personal lens as my father has done his best to make this world a little safer for me, but also through the generosity of the law enforcement personnel that fundraise on behalf of Special Olympics Arizona.

My father has been one of my heroes since childhood. Working first with Arizona Department of Public Safety and now for Gila County Sheriff's Office, I have seen him take on those who intend to hurt others and help those whose lives have taken them down a dark path they hope to one day walk away from. Outside of that, watching the work of all of our LETR men and women has been inspirational to say the least.

Our communities and all of us that live in them rely on feeling protected and able to follow our dreams, and the athletes of Special Olympics Arizona rely on the fundraising efforts of law enforcement to continue making great strides towards becoming active and engaged members of our communities. Without the support of law enforcement around the state, Special Olympics Arizona would be unable to continue moving forward with the tremendous growth we have accomplished over the last 6-7 years. I would urge everyone to support the unsung heroes of our Special Olympics Arizona athletes as they help build a bigger and brighter future for us all.”

- Krista Sanchez, Special Olympics Arizona staff member 

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