Rich Bradshaw's Story

“I have been a participant in the LETR for 26 years. I have been the coordinator for the Glendale Police Department for the last 3 years. I have also been on the board of the Palo Verde Region for the past year. During the past year, I also helped coordinate the department’s participation in the Fuel of Dreams and Chuck Wagon event of University of Phoenix Stadium where our explorers, SWAT, EOD and Patrol K9s also assisted.

For many of our officers, including myself, I think that the Arizona Law Enforcement Torch Run helps us hit the reset button as to what is truly a priority in life. To talk and run with the athletes and see the joy in their eyes as we run down the streets, lets us all know there is a greater good and how being an officer affects some people. It’s a very relaxing moment for us to spend even a small amount of time with the athletes and their families. 

Last year we were blessed to have two athletes run with us named Krista and Wyatt, and our officers enjoyed it that much more. I will tell you that for many, it’s just a sense of pride to give back and know that the athletes and their families truly enjoy the time as well.”

- Rich Bradshaw, Glendale Police Department

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