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Darren Tsosie

Darren Tsosie

Snow Shoeing | 3 years with SOAZ

1st World Games Competition 

Darren Tsosie is a Special Olympic Team USA snowshoeing athlete from Flagstaff, Arizona. His favorite hobbies include riding bikes, taking hikes with his family, and reading. Darren’s Special Olympic experience began in the 6th grade when he joined the Sinagua Middle School delegation. For the past three years he has competed in swimming, bowling, snowshoeing, basketball, and various track and field events.

Darren is excited about attending the World Games. He has never been on an airplane and is anxiously awaiting his first ride. He looks forwards to meeting new people from different countries and can’t wait to compete. In preparation for his competition Darren has been running on the treadmill, lifting weights, and riding his bike.

Participating in Special Olympics has changed Darren’s life. It has given him the self-confidence to try new things, as well as connecting him with new people allowing him to make friends.

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