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Deven Taylor

Deven Taylor

Cross Country Skiing | 12 years with SOAZ

2nd World Games Competition 

Deven is preparing for World games XC Skiing by training on treadmill at home, using a Nordic Track at Flagstaff Athletic Club, general stretching exercises and participating in his local S.O. team training and competitions. 

Deven attends a local Goodwill work training program and is actively seeking a job at Flagstaff Athletic Club or as a host at a restaurant. 

Deven attended the 2009 World games in the sport of XC Skiing, and has traveled to Poland and Belize with SOAZ programs. He is most excited about the games to be able to meet and compete with athletes from around the World. He is also excited to see what Austria looks like!

Deven enjoys reading, photography, camping and hanging out with friends.

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