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Healthy LEAP

Healthy LEAP (Lifestyle Education And Practice) is a series of health, nutrition, fitness, safety and injury prevention lessons and practical applications created specifically for youth and adults with and without intellectual disabilities. Each lesson includes specific tasks and activities to jumpstart the practice of a healthy lifestyle. As a parent/guardian, you will be engaged by take home sheets, family activities, and text messages corresponding to each lesson. Additionally, Healthy LEAP lessons are reinforced by a multimedia information campaign delivered via text message, email, webinars, flyers and online videos. 


Preschool Version: 

Elementary Version: 

Click Here to Download the Healthy LEAP Elementary Guide!

High School Version: 

Click Here to Download the Healthy LEAP Highschool Guide!

Healthy LEAP Coach's Resources:

All Levels Resources:

Preschool Level Resources:

Elementary Level Resources: 

High School Level Resources: 


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