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School-Based Program Coordinator

Reports to:

Senior Director of Support Programs

Position Summary:

This full-time position develops and implements various strategies (e.g. outreach, recruitment, retention) intended to increase participation in Unified Champion Schools (UCS) – a program which develops inclusive school communities through three core initiatives: Unified Sports & Arts programs, Inclusive Youth Leadership, and Whole School Engagement.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide direct support to Senior Director of Support Programs by completing data entry and administrative duties including: scheduling, compiling meeting minutes, and preparation of necessary deliverables, reports, and paperwork
  • Implements all aspects of Unified Champion Schools within schools statewide including:
    • Support the growth of Unified Sports within schools statewide by supporting existing programs, recruiting new schools, providing training and leadership, conducting outreach events, monitoring use of program resources to ensure quality and consistency, and serving as the point of contact to support school administration and staff
    • Serve as a primary lead for schools targeted through SOAZ’s annual “UCS Innovation Project” by developing and implementing a strategic growth and sustainability plan, and establishing and maintaining annual project budget
    • Conducting outreach to schools to promote and establish Unified Sports® P.E. Curriculum as a Physical Education Elective course, and monitoring its use statewide.
    • Establish and develop school-level relationships within Unified Clubs to support inclusive youth leadership, whole school engagement, and fundraising initiatives
    • Oversee and implement annual statewide awareness campaigns such as: the “Spread The Word” Inclusion” campaign and Disability Awareness Month.
    • Promotes sustainability by directly supporting schools with the implementation of school-based fundraising campaigns in partnership with the Law Enforcement Torch Run such as: Minute That Matters, Tip A Cop, etc.
    • Implement all aspects of SOAZ’s Unified Arts program initiatives (Unified Robotics, Unified Music, Unified Photography, monthly Unified Arts Contests, etc.)
    • Oversee all aspects of the Unified Champion Schools’ National Banner Recognition program.
  • Work with UCS program staff to develop, implement, and maintain a transition program to support participation in inclusive sports throughout all stages of educational transition between preschool  elementary school  middle/junior high  high school  college / adulthood.
  • Directly support Area Programs by maintaining regular communication, advising on best practices, and providing assistance in the growth of Unified Champion Schools, resource development, and sustainability at the local level
  • Administration and collection of Unified Program rosters and participation surveys for purposes of completing the bi- annual school participation matrix and annual census report.
  • Assist with compiling and maintaining budgets for Unified Champion Schools and other school-based initiatives
  • Provide assistance and support with all internal communication, collection, and compilation processes for program tracking purposes, record keeping, and grant reporting and fulfillment.
  • Work with programming and operations staff to support outreach events (e.g. conferences, meetings, presentations, Unified Fan Activation events, etc.) through planning, promotion, and day-of assistance
  • Research opportunities, develop partnerships, and maintain relationships to enhance programming through resources, funding, and/or in-kind support
  • Create content and maintain accurate information for all support programs on website, social media, and other outreach materials
  • Provide assistance, guidance, and support to staff and volunteers sufficient to motive and inspire those individuals to achieve success and strive for excellence in their SOAZ activities.
  • Contribute to SOAZ publications monthly by compiling content to be distributed through SOAZ social media channels
  • Adheres to SOI/SONA Risk Management polices/practices at all levels to protect SOAZ and prevent loss

Qualifications/Required Skills

Passion for Special Olympics Arizona

Screening: Must pass Criminal and National Sex Offender Registry background screening. (Required for all staff)

Education: Bachelor’s degree in recreation/sports management, education, nonprofit, or related field.

Experience: Working in sports field and/or working individuals with Intellectual disabilities.

Knowledge: Special Olympics Arizona, Unified Champion Schools program, basic computer applications.

Skills: Strong organizational, ability to manage multiple projects and efficient time management, effective verbal and written communication skills, public speaking and customer service skills.

Physical Demands Include: Standing, walking, climbing ladders, squatting, lifting through full range (must be able to lift a min of 25 lbs), working in confined spaces, working in extremes of heat, cold and inclement weather as well as working at heights above 6'. Moderate to heavy physical demands, will be required to load and unload trucks, and to lift equipment and other merchandise.

Transportation: Must have own reliable transportation, a valid AZ driver’s license, a good deriving history, and fulfill assignments with reliability and punctuality.

Work Schedule: This position’s work schedule will be determined by the demands of the position and is limited to a 40 hour work week including evenings, weekends, and some in-state travel. Overtime must be previously authorized by supervisor and will be paid whether approved or not. Unapproved overtime will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


The mission of Special Olympics Arizona is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with cognitive disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

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